Manned expeditions to Mars are planned for the beginning of the thirties of the XXI century. Despite many technical, physical and psychological barriers, scientists from different disciplines and almost all countries around the

CELLINK is the founder and manufacturer of the world’s first universal bio inks for printing tissues and organs. Their technologies introduce new quality and mark a breakthrough not only in medicine, but also

This is a completely new look at transplantology. Need for artificial organs The times in which we live today are characterized by very dynamic technological progress. Modern engineering is no longer based solely

WHAT MAKES ME ‘ME’? The DNA sequence is our destiny – have you ever wondered about this statement? Is the development of genetics the last step to finally knowing who we really are?

Paweł Łepkowski: This year, the American company Medtrononic began selling Minimed 670 GE in the United States, which, due to the cooperation of an intelligent sensor monitoring glycemia with an insulin pump, was

In Poland more than 2. 5 million people are struggling with diabetes. It is not only in our country that diabetes is an increasingly common disease. There are about 400 million sick people