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Foundation on Research and Development is a scientific unit. We are working on the project of 3D bionic pancreas, which will revolutionize treatment of diabetes type I in Poland and the rest of the world. Thanks to a living organ printed in 3D bioprinter, it will be possible to transplant to a human being a living organ that is tailormade and to treat diabetes type I, a disease currently classified as incurable. It is estimated that there are ca. 3 million persons in Poland affected by diabetes and 200k of them are suffering from diabetes type I. Unfortunately, the number of persons that do not react positively to applied diabetes treatment therapies and develop dangerous complications is constantly increasing. Nowadays, the only method to cure the disease completely is to transplant pancreas or pancreatic islets. However, these methods are difficult and full of flaws such as permanent lack of organs for transplantations, chronic immunosuppression or the risk of surgical complications following pancreas transplantation. The solution to this problem is a tailormade pancreas – a fully functional organ created from stem cells of the patient and printed in 3D bioprinting technology. This is being worked on by the Polish scientists from the Foundation on Research and Science Development.

Projects, that we implement

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Scientific project
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Popularisation and promotion of science

Our activity is not only limited to research on bionic pancreas.

Since the establishment of the foundation, our scientist have been actively participating pro bono in scientific picnics, sharing their knowledge and experience with the young people encouraging them to undertake scientific adventure. We share our passion enabling talented young persons their further development and increasing their qualifications in the surrounding of the latest achievements of medical therapies at the world level. We believe that our country that can boast with highly qualified and creative scientists, may genuinely influence technological progress and development in the world.

Multidisciplinary team of leading experts

Foundation’s team comprises of talented and enthusiastic scientists with innovative, engaged and creative attitude such as biotechnologists, chemists, engineers, laboratory technologists as well as doctors and medical consultants under the supervision of the President of Scientific Board M.D. dr hab. Michał Wszoła, a transplantation surgeon, a visionary scientist with extensive experience in battle against complications following diabetes, the author of bionic pancreas.

Expert comments of our specialists are being quoted in most prestigious professional papers and current media space. As pioneers of pancreas bioprinting, we not only believe in success of our research but also actively promote healthy lifestyle in patient’s awareness.

We are proud to have been nominated to the title of Polish Science Ambassador in 2019 and 2020.

Prizes and distinctions

The Golden Leader of Healthcare 2019

Statuette of the Golden Leader of Healthcare 2019 in the category of Innovative Ideas for the project “3D bioprinting of bionic pancreas”

Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016

Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016 in category “Foundation” for the implementation of “3D bioprinting of scaffolds using pancreatic islets or insulin producing cells in order to create bionic pancreas” project

Second prize in the Golden Scalpel

Second prize in the Golden Scalpel competition organized by Puls Medycyny for authors of “3D bioprinting of scaffolds using pancreatic islets or insulin producing cells in order to create bionic pancreas” project

Award for the best poster at EPITA

Award for the best poster at EPITA – European Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association in Austria

„Order of distinction”

American Transplant Congress in Seattle, „order of distinction” for two of the Foundation’s researchers: „Pancreas Decellularization Protocol – Comparison of Methods” (the winner of Best in Congress Posters at the same time) and „Changes in Gene Expression of Selected Genes in Patient with Type 1 Diabetes in Peripheral Blood”

Ambassador of Polish Science

2020, 2019 – nomination for Michał Wszoła MD, dr hab. in the plebiscite Ambassador of Polish Science (organized by KGHM Polish Copper Ltd.)


Statute of Foundation


Following an obligation imposed on public benefit organisation and in order to ensure full transparency of Foundation’s activity, we are publishing below our substantive and financial reports.