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A transplant surgeon, dedicated physician and visionary scientist, he originator of the bionic pancreas – an organ that will restore the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and revolutionise the treatment of diabetes. He has been running a medical practice for years, leading a team that conducts innovative research- on a global scale – and searches for innovative solutions in medicine. He participated in the first pancreatic islet transplant in Poland (2008), the first pancreas-only transplant (2010) and the first exchange of kidney pairs between family donors (2015). The combination of his passions, transplantology and endoscopy, led to the creation of a new method of treating diabetes – endoscopic transplantation of pancreatic islets under the gastric mucosa. In 2013, he performed first such procedure in the world, which is now used in several centres in the United States of America.

He is currently continuing to work on a 3D printing project of a bionic pancreas with a research team at the Foundation of Research and Science Development. Co-founder of the medical knowledge sharing and the medical app, bringing together over 400,000 doctors and medical students from around the world. Medical director of CM Medispace and CEO at Polbionica sp. z o.o.

Prof. Michał Wszoła MD, PhD 

Transplant surgeon

FOUNDATION OF REASERCH AND SCIENCE DEVELOPMENT – Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Foundation


MEDISPACE SP. Z. O. O. – Medical Director

Based on my years of experience as a transplant surgeon and my knowledge of the problems associated with the current treatment of diabetes, I created an unusual concept of printing a bionic pancreas. In a short period of time I was able to spread this idea to other doctors and scientists who believed in this project, which is unique on a global scale. Our shared goal is to develop a pioneering medical therapy that will revolutionise the treatment of diabetes.

Since 2017, the Foundation of Research and Science Development, as the leader of the Bionic Consortium, has been working on the implementation of the bionic pancreas project. After only 2 years of preparation and testing, we printed the world’s first vascularised bionic pancreas prototype measuring 3x3x5cm. The 14th of March 2019 is the day we proved to ourselves and the world that the impossible became possible and that tissue and organ bioprinting is the future of modern medicine that will change the lives of many patients.

We placed the printed organ in a bioreactor that feeds fluid with oxygen and nutrients into the vascular system. Further studies showed that pancreas produces insulin, and magnetic resonance imaging showed a faithful representation of the planned vascular system. Over the next six months, we worked on improving the bioreactor, perfusion fluid, and vascular system, and developed the technology to make external blood vessels. The results achieved allowed us to move to the next phase and begin animal studies.

Our mission is to bring 3D printing of the bionic pancreas into clinical practice worldwide. In order to do so, as well as to implement other innovative projects, we want to create the European Center of Medical Biotechnology. As the only such research and clinical centre in Poland, it will enable development of pioneering medical therapies. A direct connection between the world of science and medicine in one place will ensure faster and more effective implementation of the latest achievements into clinical practice. With your support, we want to create a space where scientists and doctors will develop innovative technologies to solve the most serious medical problems of the 21st century.


2020, 2019 Ambassador of Polish Science, nomination

2020 Congress of Electronic Economy and “Promyk Słońca" Foundation Award

2019 Winner of the “List of Hundred" contest

2019 Award of the 14th Congress of the Polish Transplantation Society

2018 Order of Distinction – American Transplant Congress in Seattle

2018 II Golden Scalpel Competition, Puls Medycyny [independent newspaper of professionals]

2016 Golden Cross of Merit awarded by President Andrzej Duda

2013 Gedeon Richter First Prize

2013 Polish Transplantation Society Award

2011 Award of the Videosurgery section of the Polish Surgeons Society

2010 Prime Minister Donald Tusk Award

2009 Bronze Cross of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński

2009 First prize of RISET (Reprogramming Immune System toward Tolerance) Society

2009 Polish Transplantation Society Award

2008 Award of the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw

2008 First Degree Team Award of the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw

2008 Order of Distinction – American Transplant Congress, Montreal (Canada)

2007 European Transplantation Society Award

2007 Order of Distinction – American Transplant Congress, San Francisco (USA) 2002 Award of the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw

2001 Belzer’s Award in Organ Preservation, Nagoya (Japan)


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Key publications

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