Wean off sugar - Fundacja

Project funded by:

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Health.

Time frame:

June 2017 - December 2017

Project coordinator:

Michał Wszoła MD, PhD
  • Endowment: Ministry of Health
  • Substantive partners: The Institute of Diabetology, Medical Clinic MediSpace
  • Partner: „Dr Clown” Foundation
  • Institutional partners: The city of Kraków, The city of Poznań, The city of Wrocław
  • Campaign ambassador: Weronika Kowalska-Blue Sugar Cube, Jerzy Magiera-mojacukrzyca.org, Monika Kulka, Anna Krawczyk
  • Media patronage: abcZdrowie.pl, cukrzycapolska.pl, diabetyk.tv, mojacukrzyca.org, Szugarfrik

“Ogarnij cukier” – “Wean off sugar” is an authorial program, created with a view to people suffering from diabetes and their families. In Poland there are about 3 million people struggling with this disease. Diabetes can lead to numerous complications, such as cardiovascular diseases, nervous system degeneration, vision loss or renal failure requiring dialysis therapy or transplantation. Patients’ involvement in the treatment process can reduce them. It may not be widely known that self-control, change of one’s lifestyle or diet can help improve everyday life. A group of specialists in various fields of medicine has proved that a life with diabetes is not a sentence.

“Ogarnij cukier” – “Wean off sugar” is a series of 11 free webinars that explain diabetes-related topics in an easy way. Every online lecture consists of a theoretical part (discussion of a given issue) and a practical part, where all those interested can ask questions and get answers. The résumé of webinars is a free e-book, containing discussed topics.

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