Medical Apps - Fundacja

Project coordinator

Michał Wszoła MD, PhD

Time frame:

Project planned for implementation in the future.

Kidney transplant has become the best treatment method in case of chronic renal failure. In Poland, there are 20.000 people affected with advanced renal insufficiency. Sadly, the number of people requiring dialysis is increasing by 1000 year by year. Another 10.000 patients are in the pre-dialysis period. A transplant is the only chance for them to avoid dialyses.

Our target is to create an app with an access to educational materials, notifications, and with the option to plan a treatment (medical appointments, medicines and need for further prescription in it). The project is yet in conceptual phase and is financed by the Foundation in association with MediSpace health center.

It’s been proven that kidney or pancreas transplant in pre-dialysis period gives the best results. It is also known that patient’s knowledge looms large in success of transplantation. The point is to eat properly, be able to recognize the disturbing symptoms an know when to contact a specialist. The awareness of  the importance of regular drug intake is also of great significance, so that a patient who goes on a trip could get more doses in advance.

Would you like to take part in our project? We invite all those interested to cooperation, both from the technical (development of an app) and content side.